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Fresh dog food made using real, human-grade ingredients that you can see, and they can taste.

Woman smiling while holding a dog, with text overlay 'Real customer. Real story. Real food.' and 'Dog Standards' logo.

Our Vet-Developed Formulas

  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

    Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

    Free of grains, packed with cancer-fighting ingredients like broccoli and superfoods like chicken liver and coconut oil.

  • Beef & Carrot Recipe

    Beef & Carrot Recipe

    Canadian lean beef, nutrient-dense seeds, veggies and beef liver make up our fan-favourite recipe.

  • Turkey & Pumpkin Recipe

    Turkey & Pumpkin Recipe

    Packed with superfood ingredients like pumpkin and Canadian hormone-free ground turkey.

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Formulated by nutritionists,
praised by vets.

"If you believe food is medicine, you know that fresh unprocessed food is the best for your dog. Dog Standards fully delivers on this promise and I see the positive results firsthand with my dogs."

 — Dr. Suzee Camilleri DVM, DVSc, MSc

Woman smiling while holding a dog, with text overlay 'Real customer. Real story. Real food.' and 'Dog Standards' logo.

The Fresh Benefits

Our fresh vet-developed formulas support 6 Essential Health Benefits. Most dog parents see, feel, and smell results in 28 days or less.

The Dog Standards Difference


Skin & Coat




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The Filthy 5

We avoid five categories of ingredients and cooking methods, which research has shown are contributing to dogs decreased life expectancy. With 50% of dogs today developing cancer after the age of ten, we never use cancer-causing ingredients or cooking methods.


Powders like “Chicken Meal” can contain meat from diseased livestock.

Feed-Grade Ingredients

Most dog food is made from ingredients that don't pass the same regulations that human food does.


Preservatives can keep pet foods shelf-stable for years.

Artificial Flavours & Colours

Processed dog food uses artificial flavours and colours to make their food taste more palatable and look 'better'.


Kibble is extremely processed under high-heat pressure causing carcinogens, a known cancer-causer.

Two packages of The Farmer's Dog pet food showcasing beef and turkey recipes.

How we made

dog food healthy:

Human-Grade Ingredients

We use 100% human-grade ingredients in our recipes. We lightly steam our food to ensure that it's easily digestible and more bioavailable, meaning that our dogs retain the nutrients they need to thrive.

Vet-Developed Plans

A vet-designed plan is customized to your dog’s individual needs. You can choose from a Topper or Full Meal Plan and select up to three AAFCO-compliant fresh recipes, to be delivered right to your door.

Made in Ontario, Canada

Our food is made in a HACCP and CFIA approved facility in Ontario using local provincial meat. We test every single batch produced for common pathogens - because dogs deserve safe food, too.

What pet parents are saying.

Peach + Vannia

A small white dog stands next to a 'Dog Standards' box.

"Ever since I started feeding Dog Standards, Peach has been so much happier and energetic. Her gut health seems to be doing so much better, with her digestion actually being consistent. I've also noticed eye discharge she used to get has disappeared. She now jumps for joy at every single meal, when it used to be a struggle to get her to eat."

Mary + Hugo

Smiling person in a supermarket aisle holding a box of cereal.

"I have THE pickiest dog on planet earth. I’ve tried raw, kibble, wet, air-dried dog food, he wouldn't touch any of it. We started my 9 month old puppy on Dog Standards and WOW… he LOVES this food. It is working so well with him. I love that it is fresh food and not processed. I am going to recommend this to all of my friends with fur babies. 1000/10."

Cheyene + Winchester

A smiling person balancing three colorful cereal boxes on their head.

"Dog Standards is amazing! I’m so sad that my dog went 2 years without this food. He is the pickiest Dachshund in the world and he is obsessed with this food. It looks and smells great - I can see the ingredients and it is all real food! My heart is happy knowing my dog is getting the best food possible."

We're a different breed.

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