Our Recipes


At Dog Standards, our expertly crafted recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists and are tailored to meet your dog's needs at every life stage. Whether in playful puppy years or the golden senior stage, our recipes guarantee completeness, wholesomeness, and balanced nutrition for your beloved pet.


Turkey Recipe

For the pups who are particular about their poultry, our turkey recipe is packed with powerhouse ingredients like pumpkin and kale. Serve up the essence of a Thanksgiving feast for your dog’s next meal.

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Beef Recipe

For the red meat lover in your life, we formulated a hearty recipe packed with generous helpings of high-protein beef complemented by nutrient-rich vegetables, seeds, and oils.

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Chicken Recipe

A grain-free recipe for sensitive stomachs. Easy on the palette and digestion, our chicken recipe provides your pup with ample nutrition without skimping on taste.

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