Our Story

Dog Standards was founded by Jessica, the proud dog mom of a Husky named Boston and a German Shepherd named Gunnar. She couldn’t believe the number of trips to the vet, leaving many visits with prescriptions that didn’t work in the first place. 

As a self-proclaimed health nut, Jessica knew that what she fueled her own body with had a direct correlation on her health. She thought that her dog’s health should be no different. This idea sparked countless hours of research into the horror stories of the commercial dog food industry, studies on the results of feeding fresh, and conversations with veterinarians.


Jessica knew that she needed to become part of the solution — not only to educate pet parents on the reality of what they have been feeding their dogs, but to provide a long-term and healthy feeding solution. 


From here, Dog Standards was born — a brand on a mission to make dogs healthier and happier, by providing a convenient way to feed fresh.

We can’t wait for your pup to taste the difference — and for you to see it.