Our Story

Dog Standards was founded by Jess, the dog mom of a Husky named Boston. At only 6 months old, Boston became very ill. After spending countless hours at animal hospitals and drawers full of medications that didn't work, Jess decided she needed to take matters into her own hands. 

As a self-proclaimed health nut, Jess knew that what she fueled her own body with had a direct correlation on her health. She thought that Boston's health should be no different. Becoming frustrated with being given no other option than highly-processed dry food, Jess began researching different diets for dogs. After stumbling on fresh food, she decided to begin cooking for Boston at home, and in under a month he was a completely different dog. No more constant itching, zero gas, silky fur, regular poops, so much energy and finally sleeping through the night.


However, Jess worried that cooking Boston's food long-term could harm his health as he aged due to the food not being balanced and complete, so she decided to develop a recipe alongside a veterinary nutritionist for him. By the end of the consultation she knew her passion for dog health through diet would extend way past just feeding her own dog.


After Jess saw this change in Boston, she knew that she needed to become part of the solution — not only to educate pet parents on the reality of what they have been feeding their dogs, but to provide a convenient and healthy feeding solution. 


From here, Dog Standards was born — a brand on a mission to make dogs healthier and happier, by providing a convenient way to feed fresh.

We can’t wait for your pup to taste the difference — and for you to see it.