Over 100,000 meals delivered to happy dog parents 🐶

A simple change in what we put in dogs’ bowls can have a transformative impact on their health — improving everything from digestion and weight issues, to energy levels and life span. But these humans tell it best.

  • Vannia Z.

    Vannia Z.

    "Ever since I started feeding Dog Standards, my dog has been so much happier and energetic. Her gut health seems to be doing so much better, with her digestion actually being consistent. I've also noticed the normal eye discharge she used to get has disappeared. She also now jumps for joy at every single meal, when it used to be a struggle to get her to eat. They also offer great customer service."

  • Diane C.

    Diane C.

    "I've been a customer for a while now and have made several changes to my orders while we figured out which recipe my picky boy preferred and how much he would eat. Each time the Dog Standards staff was super friendly and always accommodated my requests. The food looks and smells great and Jasper gobbles it up! I've tried just about every brand out there and Dog Standards is superior by far."

  • Cheyene B.

    Cheyene B.

    "Dog Standards is amazing! I’m so sad that my dog went 2 years without this food. He is the pickiest dachshund in the world and he is obsessed with this food. It looks and smells great, I can see the ingredients and it is all real food! My heart is happy knowing my dog is getting the best food possible."

  • Kailey C.

    Kailey C.

    "LOVE this food!!! The piece of mind it gives me to know that I am feeding my dog the best food for her is PRICELESS! I love that this company is a female owned small business local to Toronto. My dog has colitis and Dog Standards has been essential in helping her GI tract."

  • Teresa C.

    Teresa C.

    "The food is amazing. My puppy pleasantly sits every morning and evening waiting for her bowl of food. She absolutely loves it and licks the bowl clean. I am so happy to have found this great company with the best food for my dog."

  • Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    "I've tried several gently cooked food providers and hands down my pup loves Dog Standards the best. I had to take away the bowl to stop him from licking every last piece. I also appreciate that pet nutritional needs were taken into consideration when developing the meals."