Mixing Fresh Food with Kibble

Here’s the big question many pet parents are asking:


Can you mix fresh food with kibble?


And the answer is, YES!! In fact, at Dog Standards, it is highly encouraged, and here’s why!


Fresh food inclusion enhances the bowl with nutrient rich nourishment that cannot otherwise be acquired from synthetic powder packets that are used in many commercial dry foods.


The ingredient composition of dry food loses all of its nutritional value the moment it is heat-processed, becoming “lifeless food”. In addition, synthetic vitamins and minerals that are reconstituted into the food to make up for nutrient loss become difficult for the animal to suitably utilize. Synthetic sources are recognized as a foreign substance by the body, causing more stress to the kidneys and liver.


So, what does this mean for your dog?


It means that while our dogs are consuming “Complete and Balanced” pet food in the form of kibble, that does not necessarily guarantee they are maximally absorbing adequate nutritional loads.


What if there was a way to enhance the bowl to ensure that our dogs are getting proper nourishment from their food?


This is where fresh food feeding comes in. Whether you wish to do 25% or 50% or 100% of fresh food inclusion, your dog will thank you for it! Fresh food means the ingredients are not subject to high-heat processes, poorly sourced synthetic additives or preservatives. This means that the food contains bioavailable, vibrant, and living nourishment.


A mostly fresh diet yields outstanding results; healthier immune systems, shinier coats, smaller waste output, more energy—all things a pet owner wants to see in their dog!


There are several affordable and convenient ways to mix fresh food with kibble. Some ideas include:


- Freeze dried or raw beef liver (not to make up more than 5% of the diet)

- Sardines

- Lightly steamed vegetables (broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, etc)

- Fruits (blueberries, blackberries, etc)

- Quail or chicken eggs

- Tripe

- Chicken or duck feet

- Chicken necks

- Green lipped mussels

- Shelled hemp seeds

- Chia seeds

- Poultry gizzards

- Bone broth

- Kefir

- Goats milk

- Dark leafy super-greens (spinach, kale, parsley, kelp)


Adding foods high in antioxidants and catechins, like the ones listed above, will work wonders on the health of your pet. Antioxidants and catechins are free radical fighters, thereby lowering oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is one of the more unavoidable natural processes of the body, which contribute to cell and tissue damage, earlier aging and inflammation. Fresh foods such as berries and super-greens can support the body by lowering inflammation, and restoring good cell metabolism.


The addition of whole fish, eggs, tripe and mussels will provide a rich source of zinc, manganese, selenium and vitamin D, which are essential micro-minerals that play a major role in the support of our canine’s biology and natural processes.


If you’re wondering if there’s an easier way to meal prep your dog’s food with fresh food, then look no further!


Companies like Dog Standards makes it easy. Dog Standards is a Canadian company on a mission to make gently cooked, human-grade, all-natural food accessible to well-intentioned pet owners for even the pickiest dogs to enjoy. Dog Standards offers two different meal plans; the Full Meal Plan, for those who wish to feed 100% fresh food, or the Topper Plan, which includes 50% of your dog’s caloric intake that can be used in addition to their diet.


See for yourself what the power of fresh food harnesses, you won’t regret it! While there is no way to wind back the clock to have more time with our companions, there are certainly ways to increase their longevity and the first place to start that is in their food bowl. Perhaps in doing so, you may see more years with your dog, because let’s face it, no time spent with our dogs will ever be enough!


 By Dog Standards 

Dog Standards delivers fresh, pre-portioned, and ready-to-serve pet food straight to your door. Healthy feeding has never been easier. Get started today at Dog Standards.