Aerial shot on downtown Vancouver

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Patios in Vancouver


Welcome, fellow dog lovers and patio enthusiasts, to a delightful exploration of Vancouver's vibrant and dog-friendly patio scene! As the sun-drenched days of summer beckon, there's nothing quite like spending quality time outdoors, savoring delicious food and drinks in the company of your four-legged companion. And fortunately, Vancouver has an abundance of patios that warmly welcome both you and your furry friend.



In this guide, we'll uncover the crème de la crème of dog-friendly patios in this bustling coastal city, where tail wags, belly rubs, and slobbery kisses are celebrated with open arms. From charming neighborhood cafes to trendy breweries, we'll traverse the diverse landscapes of Vancouver to find the perfect spots where you and your pup can bask in the blissful combination of good company, delectable fare, and unbeatable ambiance.


Here are our Top 10 Dog-Friendly Patios in Vancouver: 


Relish the Pub

Location: 888 Nelson St. Vancouver, BC



Superflux Beer Company


Location: 505 Clark Dr. Vancouver, BC



Bellaggio Cafe


Location: 773 Hornby St. Vancouver BC



Bells & Whistles


Location: 3296 Fraser St. Vancouver BC



Capo & The. Spritz


Location: 350 Davie St. Vancouver BC





Location: 4444 Main St. Vancouver BC



Container Brewing Ltd.


Location: 1216 Franklin St. Vancouver BC



Coo Coo Coffee


Location: 477 Davie St. Vancouver, BC



Uncle Abe's 

Location: 3032 Main Street, Vancouver BC



The Arbor


Location: 3941 Main Street, Vancouver BC



As we reach the end of our exploration of Vancouver's top 10 dog-friendly patios, it's clear that this city has truly embraced the bond between humans and their four-legged companions. From the moment you step foot onto these inviting patios, you're enveloped in a warm atmosphere where dogs are not just tolerated, but cherished.


We've discovered an array of delightful establishments that cater to both the human and canine clientele, offering everything from gourmet treats for your pup to mouthwatering dishes and refreshing drinks for yourself. These patios have thoughtfully crafted their spaces to accommodate furry visitors, providing water bowls, shady spots, and even designated play areas to ensure a memorable experience for all.


Here's to many more sunny days filled with laughter, delicious food, and the boundless love and happiness that our canine companions bring. Cheers to Vancouver's top 10 dog-friendly patios, where furry bliss awaits!