Shot of Toronto's CN Tower during golden hour

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Patios in Toronto


Welcome to the vibrant city of Toronto, where wagging tails and happy barks are always welcomed. As the dog-loving capital of Canada, Toronto boasts a thriving culture that embraces our furry companions in every way possible. And what better way to enjoy the city's lively atmosphere than by spending quality time with your four-legged friend at one of its many dog-friendly patios?


We'll embark on an exciting journey to explore the best dog-friendly patios Toronto has to offer. Whether you're a local Torontonian or planning a visit with your beloved pup, you'll find a treasure trove of charming outdoor spaces where you can unwind, socialize, and enjoy some delicious treats alongside your furry companion.


Here are our Top 10 Dog-Friendly Patios in Toronto: 


Steam Whistle Brewery


In the heart of Toronto, sip on the refreshing premium craft beers while enjoying your dog’s company. What is better than that!

Location: 255 Bremner Blvd Bay 6, Toronto, ON



The Morning After 


Too much fun the night before? The Morning After is the destination to be. Enjoy fun unicorn lattes, buttermilk pancakes and the best part… your pup can join you for a weekend brunch.

Location: 88 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON



Breakwall BBQ & Smokehouse


Craving BBQ? Breakwall BBQ is the place for you. As one of the original premium smokehouses in Toronto, you’ll sure enjoy quality BBQ. 


Location: 1910 Queen St E, Toronto, ON



Henderson Brewing Co. 


Want to enjoy both indoor and outdoor dining with your pup? Henderson Brewing Co is the place to be. In addition, Henderson Brewing Co has also just started making homemade dog toys, where part of the proceeds go towards animal rescue.


Location :  128A Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON





Need an afternoon caffeine pick me up? We got you covered. Head to Play Ground Coffee to experience a one of a kind coffee art experience


Location: 492 Parliament St. Toronto ON



Lobster Burger Bar 


Lobster Burger Bar is a dog friendly patio that serves delicious items such as lobster rolls, Pad Thai and an assortment of burgers.


Location: 214 King St W. Toronto ON





Enjoy a variety of fantastic burgers and cheap drinks, while spending quality time with your pup! You won’t want to miss this spot! 


Location: 127 Strachan Ave, Toronto, ON



Black Lab Brewing 


Enjoy high quality beers with friends and family…. and our furry friends! If you are feeling hungry, Black Lab Brewing has a wide selection of food truck options that come on the weekend!


Location: 818 Eastern Ave, Toronto ON 



Hair of the Dog Toronto


A Church Street staple for dog owners! It’s in the name – this dog-friendly patio serves all the best pub eats. Beer loves, dog walkers, everyone is welcome!


Location: 425 Church St. Toronto ON





Toronto’s largest and most colourful patio is also a dog-friendly space. The views are chef’s kiss and the food is just the best. Any night you’re there, you’re sure to have a grand old time.


Location: 229 Richmond St W. Toronto ON



Next time you're planning a day out or simply craving a meal in the company of your canine companion, look no further than Toronto's dog-friendly patios. Embrace the boundless joy, shared laughter, and unconditional love that these spaces offer, knowing that in this dog-loving city, you and your furry friend are always welcome.


Unleash the fun, embark on new adventures, and create lasting memories—Toronto's dog-friendly patios eagerly await your arrival!