Our Impact

We want to nurture not only our pups, but the planet too. And so, we set our standards high when it comes to how we operate.




Sustainable Packaging



All of our packaging materials are recyclable, from our shipping boxes to the thermal lining that keeps your pup’s food fresh. Once you're done unpacking the box and your dog is smiling ear to ear, toss it in the recycling bin or use it for a cute photo-op. 



Giving Back



We’re committed to helping dogs in-need by donating a percentage of our annual revenue to rescue efforts through non-profit organizations. As dog lovers, nothing makes us happier than being in the position to help match deserving dogs with their fur-ever homes.


No-waste Business Model



Since we only offer customized meal plans, this ensures that we are strictly cooking exactly the amount of food that each dog requires, down to the gram. With this sustainable approach, we are able to operate without producing any waste.


Canada Proud



Our food is made with love in commercial-grade kitchens in Toronto and shipped nation-wide. We prioritize using food from local farms, including the not-so-pretty produce that's equally as tasty and often tossed, creating unnecessary waste.