How did Peach come into your life?

Peach came into my life because we were searching for a pet for a family member. I was introduced to her sister first, but she was crying the whole time and was very uneasy. On the other hand, when I was introduced to Peach she was very calm. I placed her on my forearm (she was that tiny!) and the only thing she did was scoot herself into a more comfortable position and fell asleep. Ultimately, our family member wasn't able to take Peach to the country they were living in due to policies we hadn't heard about.Peach ended up staying with me and I'm so glad she did - she has brought so much joy into our lives!

What health concerns has she struggled with?

Ever since she was a puppy, Peach has always struggled with her digestion. Vomiting and diarrhea were regular occurrences for her, which should never be the norm. She would also rarely want to eat her kibble. Sometimes she would only eat once a day or refuse to eat for the entire day, and this was even true with a better quality brand of kibble that she liked best.Peach would also often be itchy and would lick her paws.

What made you want to try Dog Standards food?

Due to Peach's constant digestive issues, I found myself researching and reading about the best ways to improve and maintain a dog's health. A lot of the information I found shed light on the highly processed nature of kibble and the benefits of feeding your dog fresh food. I decided to try Dog Standards because as I was talking to my mom one day, she pointed out that our family dog ate a diet of cooked ground beef with rice and potatoes and he was never sick. He was a very healthy and happy dog who was with us for many many years. We never fed him kibble. This made me think that switching Peach from kibble to fresh food would be a good thing to try. I chose Dog Standards because the recipes don't have too many ingredients and there's a healthy purpose behind each of them.

Ever since we switched to Dog Standards,Peachhas become a much more energetic and happy dog with no digestive issues. Her food no longer threatens to come back up every time she eats and her trips to the bathroom are normal and healthy. I also noticed a big decrease in the discharge she would get around her eyes - it'salmost completely gone and much less frequent. Allergy symptoms are also gone. She also gets incredibly happy and excited whenever she sees a Dog Standards packet. She eats her food without any hesitation now and absolutely loves meal time. It'sso great to see her so happy and healthy!