A mission that has dog owners saying, "I can't believe we used to feed our dog's kibble."


The statistics are jaw-dropping — over 70% of owners don’t know what’s in the food that they’re feeding their dogs, yet their health is so important to us as pet parents. 95% of pet owners consider their animals to be family members, and 44% of millennials are seeing pets as starter children, so why are our dogs’ diets not being given a second thought? 


We’ve come to trust commercial pet food brands, ones that do not have our best friend's health in mind, and who have taken advantage of a loosely regulated industry. Label tricks including words like ‘premium’ hold absolutely no meaning in pet food and are strictly a marketing tactic that deceives dog owners into buying food filled with preservatives and harmful ingredients.

Let's Face the Facts


Over 50% of dogs in North America are obese and 1 in 2 dogs will develop cancer in their lifetime. In fact, dogs have the highest instance of cancer amongst all animals. Just 50 years ago, the average dog’s lifespan was 17 years, now it’s just 11. So what’s really going on with our dog’s health?

               Life Expectancy


A study found that 90% of cancer in dogs was caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. The most influential factor? You guessed it — their food.



Feed Fresh



Far From Food



What you’ve likely been feeding your dog isn’t food at all. Here’s why.


The Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO) sets the standard for pet food and states that meat designated as 4-D (dead, dying, diseased, or disabled) may be used in dog food if rendered at high heat and pressure — a process known to produce carcinogens, a leading cancer-causer in dogs. These ‘rendering facilities’ handle everything from dead livestock to expired meat, which can include roadkill, zoo animals, and sometimes even spoiled meat from grocery stores that’s still wrapped in plastic. 



Have you ever wondered why it’s recommended to store your dog’s food separate from your own, to keep away from children, and to thoroughly wash your hands after handling?


It should all be starting to make sense now…


Nothing Fancy — Just Real, Fresh Food



We knew that we had to demand better for our dogs. And so, we teamed up with top veterinary nutritionists to formulate complete and balanced recipes that would allow for our dogs to lead healthier and happier lives.


Our recipes are always made with human-grade ingredients, are freshly prepared, have zero preservatives, and are proudly cooked in commercial grade kitchens in Canada.

We do it all for the love of dogs. 


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