Black and white spotted French Bulldog peeing next to a brick wall

If you have a high-energy, excitable dog, you might experience frustration when your dog pees out of excitement. While it may not seem like unusual behaviour, it’s a common behaviour amongst our furry friends. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top 5 reasons why dogs pee out of excitement and explore ways to manage to prevent this behaviour.  


1. Overstimulation

Dogs are highly sensitive to their surroundings, and excessive excitement can lead to overstimulation. When a dog becomes overwhelmed with joy, their body may respond by involuntarily releasing urine. This is especially common in puppies or overly energetic dogs who struggle to contain their enthusiasm.


To address this, consider gradually exposing your dog to exciting situations, providing positive reinforcement for calm behaviour, and offering a designated "safe space" where they can retreat when feeling overwhelmed.


2. Lack of Training

Sometimes, dogs may pee out of excitement due to a lack of proper training. If a dog hasn't been taught to control their bladder in stimulating situations, they may resort to urination as a way of expressing their excitement.


Training techniques such as positive reinforcement, consistent bathroom schedules, and rewarding calm behaviour can help curb this issue. Patience and consistency are key when reinforcing good habits.


3. Submissive Urination

Submissive urination is a common behaviour in dogs, particularly in more timid or submissive individuals. When a dog feels intimidated or wants to express submission, they may involuntarily urinate as a way of appeasing those around them.


Building your dog's confidence through positive reinforcement, avoiding intimidating body language, and maintaining a calm and reassuring demeanour can help reduce submissive urination.


4. Physical Health Issues

In some cases, medical conditions may contribute to excitement-induced urination. Bladder infections, urinary tract issues, or other health concerns may cause a dog to lose control of their bladder when they get excited.


Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial to rule out any underlying health problems. If your dog's excitement-induced urination persists, consult with your veterinarian to ensure there are no medical issues at play.


5. Territorial Marking

Territorial marking is a natural canine behaviour, and some dogs may urinate out of excitement as a way of marking their territory. This is more common in unneutered males, but females can also exhibit territorial marking.


Addressing territorial marking may involve neutering or spaying, consistent training, and providing alternative outlets for expressing territorial instincts, such as scent-marking toys or designated areas.



Understanding why your dog pees out of excitement is the first step toward addressing this behaviour. By identifying the root causes and implementing positive training techniques, you can help your furry friend manage their excitement in a more controlled manner. Remember, patience and consistency are crucial in fostering positive behaviour, and consulting with a veterinarian can provide additional insights into your dog's specific needs.


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