Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Ever wonder why your dog is your constant shadow? Let’s explore the reasons behind your furry friend’s unwavering companionship! There are multiple reasons why your dog might be following you around:


Your dog loves you and has an instinctual bond with you

Dogs are pack animals by nature. When you deeply bond with your dog, they see you as part of their pack. It’s in their nature to ensure your safety, creating a strong bond between you and your pup! It’s also most likely a sign that they love you. When dogs interact with someone they like, the hormone Oxytocin is released. 


Dogs get rewarded when they follow you around

How do you react when your dog is following you around? More often than not, most pet parents tend to give them a pat, a cuddle, or maybe even a quick snack! Your dog may have learned that by following you around, good things happen. Giving them reassurance and attention encourages them to keep this behaviour. 


Your dog is waiting for you

By nature, dogs are great when put on a routine. Your dog may be waiting around for you when their internal clock tells them it’s time to be fed or go for a walk. Dogs are also incredibly good at reading our body language and deciding what we might be doing next. By following you, they may be waiting for you to do it soon. 


They’re trying to tell you something

If your dog is pacing back and forth or more vocal than usual, try following them and seeing where they lead you. It’s possible they might be trying to communicate something to you, whether that be needing more water, or needing to go outside to relieve themselves. 


They’re scared and spooked

Believe it or not, your dog sees you as their protector and pack leader. Certain noises or movements like fireworks can be terrifying for some dogs and they may seek comfort from you. Some signs that your dog might be afraid may include pinned ears, eyes going wide, or panting. 

In conclusion, your dog’s constant company is a testament to the deep bond and connection you share. From evolutionary instincts to emotional ties, their loyalty knows no bounds. Understanding the reasons behind their shadow-like behaviour only deepens the joy of having a dog but also their bond with you.


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